Why the cabin windows on the Concorde equivalent to size of human mobile?

If you do comparison between the B787,B777,B737,A320,A350 etc as well as Concorde cabin windows , It practically appears like a hand or your mobile can cover most of the cabin window of Concorde.

Concorde window palm size comparison


The window size is a function of:

  • The greater the Aircraft flies ,the bigger the pressure differential between outside and also internal stress.
  • The relative size of the window hole, relative to the fuselage diameter, fuselage length, and aerodynamic bending forces.
  • For construction designers, the most effective size of a cabin window is zero. Because the body diameter is much less than that of a B787,B777,B737,A320,A350 while it should handle a higher stress differential, that’s why cabin windows in Concorde have to be smaller sized.
Aircraft windows Sizes


Above 50,000 ft (15,000 m), the lack of oxygen would limit consciousness in even a conditioned athlete to no more than 10-15 seconds. A cabin breach could even reduce air pressure to below the ambient pressure outside the aircraft due to the Venturi effect, as the air is sucked out through an opening. At Concorde’s altitude, the air density is very low; a breach of cabin integrity would result in a loss of pressure severe enough so that the plastic emergency oxygen masks installed on other passenger jets would not be effective, and passengers would quickly suffer from hypoxia despite quickly donning them. Concorde, therefore, was equipped with smaller windows to reduce the rate of loss in the event of a breach, a reserve air supply system to augment cabin air pressure, and a rapid descent procedure to bring the aircraft to a safe altitude.

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