What’s that little piece of metal plate on the engine of an aircraft ? What’s purpose on aircraft ?

This is called a “strake” or “chine” .Aerodynamic engine exterior fin, is based on improving the work of Aerodynamic, creating a light layer of swirls (Vortex) that passes over the wing allowing this to pass and flow unhindered air streams at the top of the AOA attack angle) When extending the surfaces or lifting the front of the plane, the presence of a large body mass like an engine in front of the wing impedes the air flow over the wing, so this fin has been added, which restore airflow over the wing and help increase lifting power, control and avoid Stall collapse at low air speed, and at the top angle of attack (AOA) of the plane.

PURPOSE :-They allow the aircraft to generate more lift at lower speeds, which entails such positive consequences as lower stall speeds, lower landing speeds, lower take-off speeds and shorter runways.

HOW IT WORKS :-With an optimal arrangement and at high angles of attack, such vortex generators, which are known as nacelle strakes or chine, generate a powerful vortex that flows over the wing, where on a slat in front of said wing it delays airflow separation until the aircraft flies at greater angles of attack.In operational conditions wherein high angles of attack are encountered, such as in landing or takeoff, the vanes oppose the strong upwash around the nacelle, reducing the flow separation on its upper areas, and providing a strong downwash marked by marginal trailing vortices

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