What Does Your Flight Number Mean?

The Secret Code Behind Flight Numbers?

👳🏻‍♂️👉The numbers and letters you see on your ticket are not irregular, paying little notice to what you may think.Each carrier utilizes a particular framework to credit letters and numbers to each flight.The letter part of the flight number tends to the transporter. EMIRATES, for instance, utilizes “EK.”

👳🏻‍♂️👉Indeed, even flight numbers are consistently offered out to north and toward the east flights while south and toward the west flights end in odd numbers.Carriers normally allocate the return flight number as one digit higher than the outbound flight.For the most part, the lower the flight number, the more important that course is to the plane.


In the aviation industry everything must fit into a standardized code & there is a reason for everything.

The letter segment of the flight number is genuinely direct: They speak to the transporter. For instance, Emirates utilizes EK , American Airlines is AA, Delta utilizes DL and United is UA.Yet every transporter has their own rules about how to consign numbers, no airplane can use more than five digits for the flights. Every single flight number must be from 1 to 9999.

  1. Airlines often give lower, single or double-digit numbers to their more prestigious long-distance routesFlight numbers of less than three digits are often assigned to long-haul or otherwise premium flights.If there’s a flight 001 in an airline’s timetables, DUBAI – LONDON OR Paris-New York example EK001(DXB-LHR).
  2. All transpacific flights use three-digit numbers beginning with 8, which is considered lucky in many Asian cultures.
  3. Four-digit flight start with a 3 or higher—i.e. 3565—is an indication of a code-share flight operated by a partner or regional contractor.
  4. A flight number is a combination of numbers and letters, prefaced with the carrier’s two-letter IATA code (Flights EK105 or LH007. That’s Emirates and Lufthansa)
  5. Flight numbers larger than 9000 usually refer to ferry flights.Ferry flight these carry no passengers and are used to relocate aircraft to or from a maintenance base.
  6. Flight numbers starting with 8 are often used for charter flights.

Did you know that 7s are usually associated with “lucky” flight numbers, particularly those heading to Las Vegas?

Here are some examples: JetBlue B6777: Boston to Las Vegas Spirit Airlines NK777: Ft Lauderdale to Vegas Frontier F9777: Denver to Vegas

Airline Codes Available Online

Aegean AirlinesA3390AEEGreece
Aer LingusEI053EINIreland
Aero RepublicaP5845RPBColombia
AeroflotSU555AFLRussian Federation
Aerolineas ArgentinasAR044ARGArgentina
Africa World AirlinesAW394AFWGhana
Air AlgérieAH124DAHAlgeria
Air ArabiaG9514ABYUnited Arab Emirates
Air AstanaKC465KZRKazakhstan
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