Uncontained Engine Failure In Flight Antonov AN-124 Made Emergency Landing

A Volga-Dnepr AN-124 Regd: RA-82042 on flight 4066 from Seoul-Incheon Airport Terminal in South Korea to Vienna-Schwechat Airport Terminal in Austria with an en route quit at Novosibirsk-Tolmachevo Flight terminal in Russia.

After an overnight positioning stop in Novosibirsk Airport, the aircraft took off for Vienna around midday on 13th Nov.As the aircraft was ascending soon after departure, around 1800 feet, all contact with the aircraft was shed, with both transponder and radio communications fell short.

The airplane endured uncontained number 2 engine failing and returned to the airport terminal to make an emergency landing.

On touchdown, the airplane overwhelmed the runway, nose gear fell down and the framework was damaged.

In this case, it seems that some of the engine parts penetrated one side of the fuselage before passing through the other, tearing especially visible holes around the wing root, while other parts fell to the ground. Photos posted after the event seem to show that some of this debris smashed through the roof of a warehouse. All 14 people onboard are reported to be secure.

An investigation has been launched by the West Siberia Transportation Prosecution Office. At this stage, the department says that officials are currently inspecting the scene”.

Author: TECH SINGH Urs


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