The spiral mark on the cone of the aircraft engine is it helps to prevents Bird strike?

Spiral Mark on the Aircraft engine


In old days spiral mark on aircraft reason for existing was something else than it used to be currently. In some old aircraft, the propeller needs to turn before the fuel supply is turned on. That spiral helped ground team of old aircraft to know the heading of revolution of motor propeller. So ground team can turn motor fan the best possible way and then fuel supply to the engine can be turned on.


Spiral mark on the aircraft engine cone in modern aircraft is for the safety of the ground crew.Aircraft engines are very powerful. One can be suck inside running engine. So, considering the safety of ground staff that spiral mark is made on the aircraft engine nose cone. By looking at aircraft engine spiral mark ground staff can identify that aircraft engine is running.

Airports where ground staff work on aircraft are mostly very noisy. Even it is possible that several engines are running at once. So it becomes difficult for ground staff to identify which engine is running just by engine noise. So, here spiral mark on the aircraft engine cone helps ground crew.

The spiral mark on the cone of the aircraft engine is it helps to prevents Bird strike?

According to studies by Boeing and Rolls Royce,That spiral mark does not prevent bird strike. That spiral mark is not even visible to birds as it spins very fast! 


On numerous sites on the web, it is referenced that spiral marks assists prevent bird strike. They said that turning mark resembles risk sign to the bird and they move of the aircraft when they see that marks and bird strike is avoided. Yet, there is no any logical verification for that.

In Short Spinner Spirals Are Attention Getters

There are types of jet engine spirals. Comments us what you saw,what kind the spiral is & at which aircraft you seen .

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