How to use Whatsapp without a SIM card in your phone 📱

 Whatsapp remains the most popular messaging and voice call apps for Android, especially in international markets. However, it normally needs to connect to your SIM card number on your phone in order to work. Thankfully, there are at least two ways to use Whatsapp without a SIM card.

Landline method

This first method is also the easiest one, but you do need a landline number, or some kind of home phone number.
1. open up Whatsapp, your home country and then enter your landline number when asked.
3.Then wait for the standard SMS verification process to fail, which could take up to 5 minutes.
4.After it does, tap on “call me” in the app, and then answer the call made to your landline.
5.You then need to remember the verification code that the automated voice gives you on the phone.
6.Then just enter that code into the app, and you should be all set.

TextNow method

1. This second method will require the use of a third-party app, TextNow, which can be downloaded on your device via the Google Play Store.

2.Once that is done, open the app to begin its setup process.

3.You should find a way to remember the number that’s given by the app once the setup process is complete.

4.After that, open up Whatsapp, select your home country as before, and type in the number given to you by the TextNow app.

5.Then you need to wait for the SMS verification process to fail, and when it does, tap on “call me” in the app.

6.You should then go back and open the TextNow app again, and answer that call, and once again you need to remember the automatically generated verification code.

7.Finally, go back to Whatsapp, enter the code into the app, and you should have that app up and running.

As you can see, both of these methods should make using Whatsapp without a SIM card possible. Are there other methods that you know of that will work as well?

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Author: TECH SINGH Urs


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