How To Install Shortcuts App Apple. Shortcuts App Apple Releases iOS 12 For All Users.

Apple’s new Shortcuts app has been released on the App Store today,alongside iOS 12 update.


What are the uses of shortcuts app.

With shortcut app, users can create a workflow in the app that will allow users to customize Siri routines with voice commands. Users can, for example, record a custom phrase such as “heading home” and Siri will complete a series of actions which can include anything from starting a music playlist, informing a person of your arrival time via text message, and bringing up information about your commute.

How to use new  in shortcuts app in new iphone iso12 updates


1. Open the Shortcuts app and tap on Create new shortcuts

2. Using the Search bar at the bottom of the app, search for the action you want to assign to the shortcut.

Here we want to add Maps as an action, so search for ‘Open app’ action and tap on Choose to select the app

3. Select the app you want to open, so in this case select Google Maps

4. Next search for ‘Music’ action and add it to the shortcut

5. Now, search Brightness and adjust the brightness level, followed by Do Not Disturb option

6. After adding all the actions to the shortcut, tap on Done

7. Now you will be redirected to ‘Add to Siri’ screen

8. Record the command for your shortcut

9. You can also assign your own icon to the shortcut for future reference

10. Now open Siri and say the command for your shortcut

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