How to Go About Selecting a Flying School

There are three main ways to become an airline pilot. One is to apply for an in-house training pilot for inexperienced people recruited by JAL and ANA. After joining the company, I receive training and obtain a national qualification, so it is a narrow gate regardless of the department of origin. The second method is to go on to Civil Aviation College and apply after obtaining the qualification. The third method is to train in the pilot training course of a university or vocational school, obtain a national qualification such as a commercial pilot license, and apply for qualification of an airline company.

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How to choose a pilot school


If you want to become a civil aviation college with low tuition fees, you need to graduate from a junior college / vocational school or study at university for at least two years. You can apply from any department, but some vocational schools have a curriculum that assumes that you will go on to Civil Aviation College. Another option is to go on to the pilot department of a university or vocational school where you can obtain a commercial pilot license. Some vocational schools can be qualified in two years, and some four-year universities have programs for studying abroad and training in the United States.

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Who is required of a pilot? Know aptitude


The first thing a pilot needs is a healthy body. When you become a pilot, of course, you will have regular physical examinations, and if you do not meet the criteria, you will not be able to continue as a pilot. In addition, there are various troubles such as bad weather during flight, and it is necessary to instantly decide how to deal with them, so determination and execution ability are also indispensable. In addition, you need the ability to keep an eye on other things while doing something. This point is also checked in the aptitude test to become a pilot.

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What exams and qualifications do pilots need?


To become a pilot, you need to obtain the skill certification of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and obtain the designated qualification. There are three typical qualifications, “commercial pilot”, “private pilot”, and “airline transport pilot”, and the range of operation for each is defined.  It is common to enroll in Civil Aviation College 1 as flight training is required to obtain it. You can also go to a university with a pilot training course, obtain a license such as a “commercial pilot”, and then get a job at an airline company.

What the pilot does?

It is the pilot’s job to fly the plane and deliver passengers and cargo safely to their destination at the scheduled time. There are international and domestic flights on airline routes, but the general work procedure is the same. Two people, the captain and the co-pilot, board the large passenger aircraft, and the co-pilot is in charge of maneuvering, and the co-pilot communicates with the controller and assists the captain. We will set the route so that we can navigate safely while contacting the controller, but due to the danger of large airflow turbulence and lightning strikes, we may contact the controller to change the route. After landing, fill out a flight diary and inform the maintenance personnel of the condition of the aircraft.

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