GoAir sacked Captain Miki Malik


Few days back GoAir sacked Captain Miki Malik 🧑‍✈️ on basis of Tweet on Pm.

The tweet was :- PM is an idiot. You can call me same in return. It’s ok. I don’t matter. BcozI am not PM. But PM is an idiot. Period.

Nevertheless, GoAir sacked him, stating the airline company has a zero-tolerance policy on such issues.

Question to GoAir :- How did GoAir arrive at the conclusion that Captain Malik was referring to a particular “PM”? Did the captain state the name or the country of the PM? Much more significantly, was there any type of argument from the Prime Minister’s office associated with the tweet? OR GoAir google most idiot Prime minister in world and result came with name.

But GoAIR Lesser known facts about Captain Miki Malik

✈︎Miki Malik, retired from the IAF in 2010 at the rank of Group Captain.

✈︎The IAF veteran served for 25 years, including a stint with the VVIP Squadron.

✈︎After 2004 tsunami, he had flown then-PM Manmohan Singh to Great Nicobar.

✈︎Malik was in the transport stream & was an AN-32 pilot before moving on to the Avros.

✈︎He became a Squadron Leader in 1996 and a Group Captain in 2008.

✈︎Malik had flown multiple missions in the northern & eastern sectors to drop off essential supplies to the troops posted in those region

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