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Singhurs is considered as one of the website for providing quality information related to new gadgets and technology news. Also, Singhurs technology blog for tech and aviation lovers which are mainly interesting in reading tech news, product reviews and products information etc.
Also, it shares fascinating guides regarding the technology and the way it affects the society.

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Looking for new, and cool products to help improve your daily routines.

These days, everybody is looking for someway to make their lives a little bit less complicated, in every aspect. With many various gizmos that are out there nowadays, the are endless possibilities of points you can get that can assist you around the house, at the office, or on the move. Whether you have in fact become aware of them, or otherwise, these are several of the most beneficial products around that you never ever before knew you needed and you can locate most of them on!

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Airline Industry Job Information!
Whether you’re an experienced worker or somebody looking for to break into the Aviation sector.

Our comprehensive internet site covers a wide range of airline profession from airline-related jobs  in Aircraft Engineering professions and Pilots work.

Learn the aircraft industry inside and out using We provide dozens of Airline industry job descriptions as well as advice for pursuing work.

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GoAir sacked Captain Miki Malik

INDIAN AVIATION GIVE 5 MIN & GIVE YOUR OPINION :- Few days back GoAir sacked Captain Miki Malik 🧑‍✈️ on basis of Tweet on Pm. The tweet was :- PM…

7 Factors to grow your own natural vegetable garden

Throughout the last decades there has actually been a modification towards mechanization and homogenization of farming, which uses pesticides, ingredients, herbicides, artificial fertilizers and mass-production methods. All this is plainly…

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